House Renovation

Concerning house renovation, HouseMasters offers customized solutions to suit our customers’ daily needs.

Below, you are presented with the way we work in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: We meet our potential customers in the space they want to renovate.

During the discussion, we record the problems, needs and capabilities of the space, as well as the wishes of the people concerned about the style and character of the space.

Finally, a detailed map of the current state of the space is obtained through photographic material.

Step 2: In the next meeting, we present our design proposals, both in detailed plan and 3D visualization, to better illustrate the changes we are proposing and the new space we want to create. Each design proposal is accompanied by the corresponding detailed financial offer to provide a complete picture of the corresponding budget and the time required to achieve the desired result.

Step 3: During the renovation, there is continuous supervision by our engineer, who monitors the progress and quality of work, material ordering and timing, while providing the client with photographic material about the progress of the project.

Step 4: Upon completion of the project, and after the final inspection by the customer, free cleaning of the space is provided by a specialized maid service, while the customers are provided with all the required certificates of authenticity and guarantees for the construction and renovation materials (exterior frames, gas boilers, radiators, etc.). Customers are also provided with usb stick containing the designs as built, as well as photographic material from the electrical installation, water supply, heating and drainage routes.